On a lighter note: The title of this edition, when I first read it, made me think that there was a new vaccine, and that Isaac thinks that it rules...

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Interesting that Ivermectin in conjunction with Remdesivir showed better results than Remdesivir alone which hospital protocol calls for now and doctors/hospitals are loathe to breach.

Remdesivir is a death sentence chalked up to Covid pneumonia.

It's no coincidence they cut out the use of Ivermectin. Think $$$.

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I think you are missing a key nuance concerning Biden's proclamation, Isaac. Biden is closing a loophole in the government AS AN EMPLOYER. This is not a national mandate, this is the head of the American government saying that American government employees, with very few exceptions, must abide by mandatory vaccines. Essentially, he is expanding the employer requirement of the military to cover civil service and contractors (primarily to protect the servicemembers who can still catch COVID even if vaccinated, which can lead to whole units being impacted by being home sick instead of ensuring we have enough healthy military members to complete all of our various missions). He is also expanding it from simply the DoD to ALL civil servants and contractors because there are SO many more contractors than civil servants throughout government anymore.

Only after setting the example through that which he can control is he sending OSHA out. (Also, OSHA, like the IRS and other enforcing institutes within the government have been minimally staffed for decades. Does this mean that he's going to increase the number of people employed by OSHA in order to enforce this mandate? Or does this become yet another egg OSHA has to juggle with far fewer hands to keep them all in the air?)

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Step 1: eliminate religious, right-wing zealots from the ranks.

Step 2: indoctrinate the remainder with CRT.

Step 3: mandate EXPERIMENTAL Vaxes for all after winnowing the forces.

s/ Yep, we'll have a formidable military after that purge./s

These moves are so transparent.

People are incredibly stupid and gullible to believe this is for the good of the country, imo.

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FYI: I'm not right-wing.

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Corporate income tax: Who pays it? When you raise the tax on Anheuser-Busch, they raise the price on each can of beer. Tax Tesla and they raise the cost of a car. Tax Exxon and the price of gas goes up. Tax Tyson and chicken costs more; Hostess and bread costs more; McDonalds and a Quarter Pounder costs more; Poland Spring and even water costs more. Who pays it? You pay it. We all pay it. And it hits poorer people the hardest because it is a flat tax, not progressive like the income tax.

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I hate that this is being framed in the media as a "vaccine mandate". It's not. It's a weekly testing mandate — and you're exempt from the mandate if you're vaccinated.


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Or have natural immunity which is better than any concocted EXPERIMENTAL mixture supposedly designed to promote an immune response.

All you have to do is look at the study/results from Macabbi Health Network in that country.

They say natural immunity is far superior.

MRNA vaxes confer short term immunity. Btw., not even vaxes in the traditional sense until CDC re-defined what a vax is. Move the goalposts when convenient?

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