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“I’ve recommended Isaac Saul’s newsletter Tangle to family, friends and coworkers. It’s refreshing, it’s honest and it provides a different lens for opposing viewpoints.”

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“Hands down the best daily news wrap-up out there.”

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Political news is broken. Just 41% of Americans trust what they read in the papers, watch on television or hear on the radio. Most political reporting today has a slant, lacks context, or fails to answer fundamental questions that readers want to know. Tangle is changing that. It’s independent, it’s ad-free, and it’s “non-partisan.” What that really means is I deliberately elevate the best arguments from both sides while also acknolwedging my own biases. It’s transparent. It’s direct. It’s smart. And it’s all about the readers. Four days a week, you’ll get an email breaking down the day’s biggest news and answering questions from readers across the country. It will never take more than 10 minutes to read. I make sure you know the left’s argument, the right’s argument, and my take. Don’t like something I say? Write in and I’ll share your argument with my readers. The newsletters are always full of interesting, important facts you’ll want to know, important stories that got buried by the noise and every issue ends with a feel-good story to wash down the craziness.

Who runs this thing?

My name is Isaac Saul. I am a politics reporter who grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, one of the most politically divided counties in all of America. I have lived, traveled and written all over the country and the world. During the day, I’m an editor and reporter for A Plus, the positive media outlet founded by Ashton Kutcher. You may have also seen my work in TIME Magazine, Vox, Independent Journal Review, The New York Daily News, HuffPost, or The Forward. My reporting has been cited by Fox News, The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others. In 2016, Yahoo News named me one of the 16 people who shaped the 2016 election. You can read more about my career as a reporter here or follow me on Twitter.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @RocaDoke
I’ve recommended @Ike_Saul‘a
tangle.substack.com to family, friends and coworkers. All the time I hear news is just too much to digest in its current form. It’s refreshing, it’s honest, and it’s provides a different lens for opposing viewpoints. Just a shame he went to PittTangleIndependent, ad-free, non-partisan politics news. Answering reader questions from across the country.tangle.substack.com
(((Scott Frank))) @hollywoodsapien
@Ike_Saul has both the hands-down the best daily news wrap-up out there (Tangle, you should all subscribe
tangle.substack.com), but also an origin story that desperately needs to be made into a coming-of-age movie.

Isaac Saul @Ike_Saul

When I was 15, I bought a 1987 Winnebago le Sharo in Colorado with my Bar Mitzvah money. Then drove it to Mexico for a new muffler then home to Philadelphia. With my permit. Fats Domino bought it from me when I was 22. https://t.co/CsqHt3duvo
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If you're looking for a daily [politics] newsletter that cuts through the noise, look no further than Tangle (

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